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This is me. My real name is Ron. I am an Electrical Engineer who specializes in vibration analysis. Yeah I know I'm old. I prefer experienced. That's what you get shortly after needing it.
Bili_The_Axe comes from a character in a series of books by Robert Adams. The book series is the Horseclans. I enjoy all SciFi books with some of my favorite authors being Robert Adams, R. A. Salvatore and John Norman and his GOR series.

The main games I play are Half-Life 2 Deathmatch (OUTLAW WILD SNIPERS SERVER), Starcraft 2, Deathmatch Classic and World of Warcraft. I also enjoy Worms Reloaded that I play against my son a lot.

Most of the time ATM you can find me on Outlaw's server playing HL2DM. Great bunch of folks that have a great time shooting each other. Hope to see you there.

In DMC I am a member of the -=-FreeFall-=- Clan. This is a group of very good people who all enjoy the Deathmatch Classic (DMC) MOD of Half-Life. This is a Quake style convertion of the HL game. It is fast and just a blast to play. If you have Half-Life or any of the Valve games using Steam then you have DMC. Try it out and enjoy the game. Good people, good fights, and great fun.

Here are several models that I use for DeathMatch Classic. They can be downloaded below.
Then you will be able to see me in the game.
Once the file is downloaded put it in a folder of the same name in the C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\deathmatch classic\valve\models\player directory.
Example: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\deathmatch classic\valve\models\player\Bili_The_Axe.
The Bili_The_Axe folder has the Bili_The_Axe.mdl file in it.

BiliWarrior BiliWarrior

Bili_The_Axe Bili_The_Axe

BiliJean BiliJean

DarkEagle DarkEagle


SetsumA SetsumA

Dahmer Dahmer

Benny Blanco Benny Blanco

Zoe Zoe

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