Welcome Marlboro Ranchers !!
Marlboro Ranch Party 2003
Montana June 26th - 29th
Email Scott
This is Scott Ainsworth.
I am the one who proposed to Hollie Wolff at the
Marlboro Ranch!
We Did It!! We Got Married!!!
May 29th 2004

Update: October 2009
I have been invited back to the Ranch for a New Years celebration. Yes, I am taking Hollie :) The dates are Dec 29th(2009) - Jan 1st(2010). If anyone else is going, feel free to contact me. WOW...This is beyond exciting!  I have some pics of the ranch in winter from a fellow rancher. Email me if you want to see them.

Welcome to my home page that I set up to show various pictures of the Marlboro Ranch Party 2003. If you had the GREAT opportunity to make it to the Ranch already, feel free to email me your Ranch pictures so I can post them here or have them to enjoy. Click the Marlboro logo above to email me.  I will put all new pictures in a separate window and labeled as NEW PICTURES. Thanks for looking and check back from time to time!

The guestbook has been removed due to excessive spammers. I will try to find a guestbook with better spam protection. Sorry for the real people with real comments.

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NEW Pictures Updated July 4th 2003
Picture #39
Guest Services- Nancy w/Scott
Picture #47
Crystal Palace Lobby
Picture #40
Authentic Barber Chair
Picture #48
Bridge to Town
Picture #41
Authentic Teller Counter
Picture #49
Hotel Lobby
Picture #42
Crazy Mountain Jail
Picture #50
Picture #43
Picture #51
Picture #44
Picture #52
Horses Running
Picture #45
Picture #53
Inside the General Store
Picture #46
Pool Hall
Picture #54
Yellowstone River

2 New pictures Added from this trip
Thanks J !

Scott Proposes to Hollie
(picture taken the next day)
Hollie Shows Off Ring

2 new pictures from Paul

Forest Fire On Mountain Behind Ranch
Horses Behind The Livery

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