Useful Links Categorized by Disorder Type


To get you started on your search for information, here are some useful links categorized by disorder. If you know of a useful link that should be added to the list, email me the website address.
Autoimmune Disorders Pain/Muscular/Skeletal Disorders
AIDS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
AIDS (National Institute of Health) CDC's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
AIDS/HIV ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (
Center for AIDS Prevention
HIV/AIDS (American Medical Association) Chronic Pain
Information on HIV/AIDS (planned parenthood) American Chronic Pain Association
  American Pain Society
Arthritis Medical Info Network (Chronic Pain, CFS, FM)
Arthritis Foundation Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Assoc.
Arthritis Information (
Arthritis Pages of Dr. Doc Fibromyalgia (FM)
Fibromyalgia Network
Lupus Foundation of America Headache
Lupus Links ( American Council for Headache Education
Lupus Web Page  National Headache Foundation
Lyme Disease
American Lyme Disease Foundation Muscular Dystrophy
Lyme Disease Information Resource Muscular Dystrophy Association
Multiple Sclerosis
International MS Support Foundation Osteoporosis
MS One to One National Osteoporosis Foundation
Multiple Sclerosis Association
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation  
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Cancer Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Disorders
American Cancer Society American Heart Association
Cancer Information Service (NIH) American Lung Association
Cancer Links ( American Stroke Association
Lung Cancer Online Asthma Links (
National Cancer Institute Heart Disease/Cardiology (
  National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute
Neurological Disorders Eating Disorders
Epilepsy Foundation The American Anorexia/Bulimia Association
Epilepsy Centers Doctor's Guide to Obesity
National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke Eating Disorder Links (
Endocrine Disorders Medication Issues (free or reduced cost programs)
American Diabetes Foundation Indigent Patient Services
Diabetes Information ( The Institute (U.S. government program)
Diabetes Information ( The Medicine Program (application  & $5 fee)
On-Line Diabetes Resources Medication Search Engine (get information on meds)
Women's Health
Breast Health and Breast Cancer Network 
Healthsquare Women's Health
Heart & Stroke Information for Women
Menstrual Disorders
Women's Health (

* This web page is designed to provide information and does not constitute development of a professional relationship. You are strongly encouraged to speak to the health care professional(s) who are treating your chronic illness to obtain a suitable referral.