Useful Links for Anyone With a Chronic Illness


I believe that these links would be useful to everyone, regardless of the disorder that you or a loved one has. The key to coping with a chronic illness better is becoming informed and finding services that may help you improve your overall quality of life. If you believe that I am missing a useful link, feel free to email the website address to me.

Americans with Disabilities Act Information
Disabilities Links (
Toll-Free Phone Number List
Dr. Koop (much information)
MedicineNet (click on blue tabs at top of page for information)
Medline (search engine & access to research articles)
National Health Information Center
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
National Institute of Health (NIH)
NIH Toll-Free Health Hotlines
National Mental Health Association
New York Online Access to Health (NOAH)
Patient Advocacy Foundation (insurance problems)
Social Security Disability Information
Symptom & Medical Test Descriptions (get descriptions)
Web Able (disability- & accessibility-related resources)
Web MD (much information)

* This web page is designed to provide information and does not constitute development of a professional relationship. You are strongly encouraged to speak to the health care professional(s) who are treating your chronic illness to obtain a suitable referral.